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-- master the thinking not just the tools

Lasting performance improvement

Integrating Baldrige Performance Excellence and Lean Six Sigma



Master the thinking that drives improvement

Becoming an organization that patients, students, and customers flock to, and stay with, or return to again and again is not the result of

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Our Advantage (What makes us better, why you will achieve lasting results)

We know what high performance is. We’ve “been there” and “done that.”

Our depth and breadth of experience gives us expertise that's often not found in our industry. Tedd and each of his associates typically have over 20 years of experience helping to make organizations more successful. Our experience includes:

1) being a black belt with the first American company to win the Deming Prize, Japan’s top award for performance excellence since 1951,
2) leading worldwide deployments of Lean Six Sigma,
3) leading site visit teams evaluating organizations using the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria, the organizational excellence model that has been adopted around the United States, and around the world,
4) evaluating Baldrige Award caliber health care faciliies,
5) reducing cycle times for new program development or urgent communications in post secondary educational settings.

At the same time, our consultants have worked in the gemba, “where the work happens”, coaching, training, or leading projects for organizations from 50 to 50000 employees in service, health care, manufacturing, education, and the military. Whether your organization is down the block or has locations around the world, we’ve been there and we can help.

Ultimately what makes our clients more successful is that we teach thinking and not just tools.

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Heart attack improvements using lean techniques